Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Light Box Project

Our first light box incorporated the primary colors and attempted to create all of the other colors through films. We made a blue film, green film, and red film and then used cut outs to create different layers.  Ultimately, through out cut outs we displayed green, red, blue, magenta, turquoise, brown, and a darker red. 

Our next box still used the film but we tried to incorporate light more.  We made three boxes at the laser cutter and put cut outs in them.  Each of the three boxes had their own primary color- red, green, and blue.  A bright hidden light was put behind them and forced the rays to come through the cutouts which created a ray of green next to red, and blue next to red. 


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  2. Nice job showing process by including images of your first light box.
    However, it would be nice to see some better images of your final model.