Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Window Panel Project

For this project we were required to make a window panel that somehow diffuses light.  We decided to make a modular structure which we could piece together and easily take apart.  Our initial idea had two different slits in them, one which was smaller than the other.  This allowed a person to choose how much light was let in between each modular piece. 

Initial design
On our first critique we realized we needed each piece to be smaller so we changed the length from 12 inches to 9 inches, meaning each of the four sides would take up 4.5 inches.  This should work well with the window pane which is 5 1/2" deep.  We we also given the suggestion to somehow create a system that allowed a person to easily remove parts of the window pane if they wanted to let more light in.  We came up with the idea to divide them into sections so that a person could remove one section of the window rather than only one modular piece at a time.  Suddenly, math has become crucial :(

deciding on the individual shapes
figuring out the separate panels  
window measurements

original shape with slits
Deciding the new height and length
Material: Cardboard, which is slightly over an 1/8th inch thick.  Our slits that the pieces are connected with were an 1/8" thick so it would hold the pieces together sturdier. 

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